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You're probably here because you have some pain or an injury and you're wondering what I can do to help you? 

Osteopaths are known for treating back ache, but with our safe, gentle and effective whole body approach we can also help with joint pain, injuries, headaches, female health issues such as pelvic girdle pain and other pregnancy pre or post natal pain, and much more.

I am highly trained and experienced in treating people of all ages from birth, with all kinds of issues. I am friendly and open, and focussed on getting to the root cause of what may be causing your symptoms.

Osteopathy is all about helping your body to overcome the tensions, restrictions or injuries that are holding you back, or causing you pain and discomfort. 

Osteopathy with Frithe Johnson Osteopath works!

I'd love to help you feel better so get in touch today to book in!

TMJ temporomandibular joint pain
Back ache

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ pain has become much more common over the last year.

As well as jaw pain, this painful condition is also associated with dental issues, facial pain, headache, earache, tinnitus and neck pain.


You may have clicking or locking in the jaw making eating painful and difficult.

After writing my dissertation on TMJ pain and headaches I have treated many people suffering with this. 

I take several approaches working with you to find some relief from your symptoms.

Closeup portrait, sick old man, senior w
Coughs and Covid

Some people who have had chest infections, or Covid with coughing are experiencing on going symptoms such as breathlessness and chest pain/discomfort. 

Some have been diagnosed as having 'long covid'.

To cough our rib muscles and diaphragm (a huge muscle that controls breathing) have to contract. When this happens repeatedly, such as when you are clearing an infection, these muscles can become strained, and the rib and back joints may also suffer, like any other joint or muscle in the body. 

Osteopathy can help reduce these stresses and strains and return optimum function to your rib cage.

TMJ pain (jaw pain)

Pelvic girdle pain symphysis pubis dysfunction Osteopathy during pregnancy, osteopathy for pelvic pain
Pregnancy pain

I treat many women suffering from pain during pregnancy.


The changes you are undergoing whilst growing another person or two will affect your posture, which combined with hormonal changes may lead to you experiencing pain, such as back or hip pain, pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction with pain when walking.


You may have other symptoms such as constipation, heartburn or incontinence.


Or maybe you just want to make sure your body is in optimal shape for giving birth.