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Osteopathy for neck pain

Neck pain is commonly experienced by people of all ages and may be caused by poor posture whilst standing or sitting, injury or trauma such as whiplash, or sleeping awkwardly. Even stress and tiredness might cause muscle tightness and joint stiffness in the neck and upper back which may contribute to symptoms.

You may be getting headaches or symptoms coming down into your shoulder or arm, which could be coming from your neck.

Age related wear and tear, or osteoarthritis can also cause muscle tension and joint stiffness.

I will use gentle techniques such as massage, rhythmical movements or cranial osteopathy to release muscle tension and improve mobility of the joints in the neck and upper back. Treatment is tailored to your specific needs, and might involve looking at other areas such as your shoulders and back as well. I may offer postural advice and stretching.

Sometimes imaging or other tests maybe required to make a diagnosis. In this case I will refer you to your GP or other specialist for any investigations.

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