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Pregnancy related conditions

For some women pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but for others it can be rather uncomfortable as it brings huge changes to a woman's body.


Pregnancy pain can happen as the breasts, baby, placenta and uterus grow, which causes your centre of gravity and therefore your posture to change.


This places new demands on the muscles and joints leading to discomfort or pain in some cases. Eg Pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction can lead to debilitating pain and make walking extremely difficult in some cases. 

Osteopathy during pregnancy

I hold a specialist Post-Graduate Diploma in Women’s Health Osteopathy. I am experienced in working with pregnant and postnatal women and recognize the issues that stem from childbearing, childbirth and caesarean section (including post-operative fascial scarring and adhesions) on pain in the pelvic, sacral and lumbar regions.​

Osteopathy can be very effective in helping the body adapt to these changes and relieving these symptoms.


I can also advise on exercise, support belts, and sleeping /lying positions which can aid sleep and comfort.

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Osteopathy works!

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