Tree of Life Centre, Hove

Find me here Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 10am to 5 pm

This vibrant and thriving clinic boasts several very calm and peaceful treatment rooms and a studio hosting different classes and events. Alongside osteopathy, there is medical herbalism, acupuncture, nutrition, kinesiology, massage, physio and talking therapies!


Classes include yoga, pilates and baby massage.

Portland Road is buzzing with cafes, charity shops and grocery stores, and there's the fabulous Barnes and Bins sustainable living shop and Down to Earth health food shop across the road.

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There is metered parking both outside the clinic and the streets surrounding us. Please allow enough time to park.

Tree of Life Centre

143 - 145 Portland Road



Reception - 01273 220159

New patient - £65 (50-55 mins)

Follow up  - £55 (35-40 mins)

Extended Follow up - £75 (50-55 mins)

Grantham House, Brighton

Find me here Wednesdays from 1pm to 5pm. 

Any problems with booking/location please call

07826 518274


This calm and quiet clinic is ideally located close to Fiveways, just off Ditchling Road in Brighton.


There is private parking available which is accessed up a very narrow driveway next to 55 Grantham Road, opposite Downs Junior School.


Please leave room for others to park by parking diagonally next to other cars by the 1st building on the left and leave access to garages clear.


There is also metered parking available on the street. 

Bus numbers 26 & 46 stop nearby, and London Road train station is a 10 minute walk away. 

Let yourself in through the white door and come upstairs. As there is no waiting area please arrive at your appointment time. I am in Room 6, and if my door is open you're welcome to come straight in. If it's closed I am with the previous patient and will be with you shortly.

Grantham House

55a Grantham Road



New patient - £65 (50-55 mins)

Follow up  - £55 (35-40 mins)

Extended Follow up - £75 (50-55 mins)