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What happens during an appointment?

During your treatment you can expect a thorough consultation, examination, treatment and often some advice to take home.

I will ask you questions about your problem, other symptoms, your medical history, any previous injuries and your lifestyle so I can get a really good idea about the stresses and strains you are under day to day that may have led up to your problem, or may be preventing you from getting better. 

I will examine the part of your body that hurts, and I'll ask you to do some simple movements whilst I stand behind you to see how your body is moving overall. 

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I may ask you to remove some items of clothing (not underwear) so I can see the skin, muscles and joints more clearly, and if each part is moving well in relation to other parts. You are welcome to wear leggings or shorts and vest top. This is normal when seeing an osteopath, but if you are uncomfortable with this just let me know and we will work around you. 


I will explain my diagnosis and share my understanding of what is causing the symptoms. Then we will then agree a treatment plan and with your consent we will do some treatment. 

I will use a number of approaches to help you reduce pain and improve function with every treatment tailored to your specific needs including

  • cranial osteopathy 

  • gentle manual therapy (moving, stretching and massaging muscles and joints)

  • basic rehabilitation exercises and stretches to self manage your problem

  • basic nutrition, health and lifestyle advice

Most people start to feel the benefits on the first treatment, although sometimes it can take a few treatments to really make a difference to the root causes.  If there is no change after 3 treatments I will consider referral. Some people then find it beneficial to come in for 'maintenance' treatments  or 4 times a year to prevent flare ups. This is up to you, and I'm happy to offer my opinion, but I will always be aiming to space treatments out and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.


Some people may occasionally feel a bit sore after treatment, this is normal, and is because we have been stimulating the body to utilise it's own repair and renewal processes. This has usually resolved within a few days. 

I may give you some exercises or stretches to carry out at home. This will ensure your recovery is quicker and long lasting.

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