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Women's/female health Osteopaths can help with all aspects of care throughout the life cycle of people born with female anatomy, including but not limited to

  • hormone and menstruation problems

  • menopause

  • incontinence

  • constipation or problems evacuating the bowels

  • pre and post natal care including pelvic girdle pain or symphysis pubis dysfunction

  • post birth recovery

  • scar work

  • difficult birth recovery

  • sciatica

  • pain or dysfunction including trauma after birth

  • neck or upper back pain

  • Shoulder pain from breastfeeding

  • hip pain

I treat many women suffering from pain during pregnancy or after birth - sometimes back or hip pain can be related to your pregnancy and birth even it was 30 years ago.

I have specialist training in women's health and I'm able to carry out internal assessments and treatments if needed. 

I want to acknowledge that not all women were born with female anatomy, and that there are some men that menstruate or birth babies. I use the word 'women' to include all women and no offence is intended and no-one is excluded from accessing healthcare with me. Trans, non-binary and gender queer folk are very welcome and although my specialist women's health training is with people who have female anatomy I can also help with effects from surgery in people who choose it.

I use a wide variety of gentle osteopathic techniques to lessen pain and improve how the body works on all levels. These techniques include mainly cranial (which despite its name can be used on any part of the body both for children and adults), but also structural and internal techniques tailored to suit the individual and their needs.

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