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Why Osteopathy?

I took him to a 'cranial osteopath' who helped immensely with his frequent ear infections, to resolve strains held throughout his body from multiple surgeries and he seemed to find treatment deeply relaxing on top.

She also treated me, which helped me cope with the demands of being a mother to a sick child. He is now a vibrant, healthy teenager, and is a Gold medallist transplant sprinter and World Record holder!

The scope of osteopathy to help many people with many things intrigued me, and so I decided to take my interest to a professional level, and my personal experience enhances my professional work. As such I am keen to help other parents and children with complicated health issues, working alongside the medical team.

Teenage athlete

I first discovered Osteopathy in 2002 when I worked as a book-keeper. I woke up with neck and shoulder pain so went to an osteopath who, over the course of a few visits, relieved the pain and gave me exercises and stretches to relieve the postural strains on my body from working at a desk.

Then in 2003 I had a baby who was born with a liver disease. His medical treatment and it's consequences meant we spent years in and out of hospital.  


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